Sunday, January 25, 2009

Entertainment for CNY

It's time for the most boring festival of all-- CHINESE NEW YEAR!

It's already better now, compared to the days when I was a kid. No shops were opened. All the TV programs were about CNY, EVEN the commercials became more boring than ever. Still...

I've been searching for entertainment for my one day holiday... (coz I need to work on the 2nd day, perhaps sleep on the 3rd day of the New Year)

I watched this movie 醜女大翻身 on TVB last month and loved the movie and loves the songs! I told myself I would find the name of the songs after I came back from Israel, but I have totally forgotten until today.

From the movie《醜女大翻身》, these songs are really good.

I have just finished watching "It Just Started with a Kiss" 惡作劇之吻 on, and plan to watch "It Just Started with a Kiss 2" 惡作劇2吻. Usually I hate stupid heroines, but in this one, the hero and heroine are both quite cute =), and the TV series is very funny, so I enjoyed it even though the heroine is unbelievable stupid... Quite surprised that I actually liked this TEENAGE idol drama, haha!

The songs from the series are quite good!

Any other good entertainment suggestions for a "mo liu" person like me? Even though I think the 2 episodes of "It Started with a Kiss 2" is quite enough for one day... haha!

Wish you all a really Happy Chinese New Year!


彗心 said...

You like this TV series, really to my suprise...
I've finished them both long time ago. I like the ZhiShu in "2" more coz he become more "human" in the latter part of the story.
Wish you happy new year!

Amy said...

surprised me as well, coz like ZhiShu, I really dun like stupid ppl =P

I'm just in 6th ep of the Part 2.

彗心 said...

When I watch "1" for the first time (fragmented for a few times, coz it's shown on TV for many times already), I really don't like shangqin. But latter on, I found that sort of 愚蠢的堅持 (I'm not saying that it's on love affairs only) in her is really what we're lacking in our daily life...

Amy said...

I dun dislike Shangqin (but I would dislike such a person in real life =P coz I can't stand talking to ppl like this =P) when I watched Part 1 , but I dun understand how ZhiShu and Zhangqin can ever be really happy together because their differences seemed too big.

However, now after "working hard" yesterday, I'm onto the 13th episode! I think I can understand better why Zhishu loved her and how they could make it work.

I think I like Part 2 even more because they managed to make this relationship more convincing to me.