Monday, March 21, 2011

New background!

While updating my other remaining blog on blogger, I realised that they have a lot more new templates here on blogger, if only they had more templates and functions before, I might not move to wordpress. And I suddenly realised it has been two years since I have moved!

I cannot resist changing the background for this old blog though. XD

(Actually I seldom even update my new blog nowadays with Facebook, Plurk and Weibo...)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Trial Move

Ok, I have wanted to move my blog to wordpress for quite some time, the functions here in blogger is kinda limited...

so I have exported my posts to wordpress, and here's the link to my new blog, let's see how it goes

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Design for Living 華麗上班族之生活與生存 (edited)

Stage Play with 鄭元暢 and 張艾嘉, directed by 林奕華, mentioned in the previous post. (Already shown in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing and Singapore.) It will be shown in Hong Kong from 26 to 30 March. Should I really go and see? Seemingly crazy...

非常林奕華2008-2009華麗上班族之生活與生存 巡迴演出 香港站
時間:26/3(四)-28/3(六)7:45PM , 29/3(日)3:45PM
票價:$420 ,$280 ,$120
*註 普通話演出 附中文字幕

HK ticket price is actually cheaper than that in Beijing =P hahahahahaha!!

Love or Bread 我的億萬麵包

I've been crazily watching Taiwanese drama these days. (Mainly because I have nothing better to do after I have finished my exam in January. =P) People asked me if I like Taiwanese drama a lot, actually apart from Meteor Garden, I can't remember if I have ever watched any other before It Started with a Kiss and They Kiss Again.

As I tried to decide which drama to watch next, should I watch another drama series with Joe Cheng 鄭元暢? I thought I probably liked Zhishu (his character in the "Kiss" series) rather than the actor himself.

I tried watching another seemingly really hit series 命中注定我愛你, my conclusion is please do NOT watch this series.

The bad and cliched plot... the actor/actress are not as good looking as Joe and Ariel... their acting is no good... I got through 3 episodes and then stopped watching... (Kiss series started with a conventional plot as well but ended up being really special, because of the portrayal the real relationship, not just some fairytale story where Cinderella meets the Prince and they stayed happily ever after. =P) I don't know if the series is going to better in the next 21 episodes, I don't think I'm gonna continue to watch it.

Back from sidetracking, I also started Love or Bread 我的億萬麵包 around the same time, of course because of Joe and Ariel. I think the plot is original, the hero being a guy who cheats the heroine and owes debts from loan sharks. I can forgive the seemingly ridiculous parts of the story, given that it's a comedy. However, the execution of the plot is a bit weak, I felt even more so after reading reviews from this blog! (You can find reviews of all the episodes in her blog, I think the reviews are good, haha! and I like those screen captures.) The original ending from the novel is much better!! How come they didn't put those parts in the drama series??!!

However, after watching this series, I came to appreciate Joe Cheng, the actor. He's a really talented actor. Of course, his good looks managed to make this jerk actually attractive even when he's doing bad things. =P But you can see how good his acting is through all his facial expressions, postures, even when he stood with his back turned. Unbelievable!

These photos are all from the blog I've mentioned above.






I think it's a entertaining drama series with extraordinary actors, but not a classic like Kiss 1 & 2.

Which generates the next question, should I go and watch his stage play (see next post)? hmm...

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Planning on Peru trip (part 3) - my itinerary

Since many people have asked me about where we're going exactly, I'm going to put my itinerary up here.

We have asked a travel company to put the itinerary together for us. We told them where we want to go, and the dates of our arrival and departure. They have arranged all the transfers and local tours at different places for us.

This is our 22 day itinerary:

21/2 Leave HK--> Amsterdam
22/2 Amsterdam--> Lima
23/2 Lima--> Ica
24/2 Ballesta Islands (poor man's Galapagos =P) Tour, then Ica to Nazca
25/2 Flight over Nazca lines, Nazca to Arequipa (night overnight bus)
26/2 Arequipa City Tour
27/2 Colca Canyon Tour
28/2 Colca Canyon Tour
1/3 Arequipa to Puno
2/3 Lake Titicaca tour
3/3 Puno to Cusco
4/3 Cusco City tour
5/3 Sacred Valley Tour
6-7/3 2 Day Inca Trail (including Machu Picchu)
8-11/3 Cusco to Puerto Maldonado (going to Amazon rainforest, staying at Jungle Lodge for 4 days and 3 nights!)
12/3 Puerto Maldonado to Lima
13/3 Lima City Tour and plane to Amsterdam
14/3 Amsterdam--> HK

Looking forward to the trip!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Song from Love or Bread

I didn't plan to start a new TV series so quickly, but after I have handed in my paper and exam AND finished It Started with a Kiss and They Kissed Again, I really have nothing better to do, so I started watching Bread or Love 我的億萬麵包 yesterday. The leading actor and actress are the same, but their characters are totally different from the previous two series.

The heroine is a thrifty and hardworking person, whereas the hero is debt-ridden because he buys expensive things with his 23 credit cards! I'm looking forward to see how the two of them can fall in love with each other, being so different from each other. =P It is funny to see how the hero become "clown-like" in the protrayal of the character "Frank", so different from his cool look in the previous two series. (He is still good looking, occasionally, in his expensive clothes when he's not making weird faces.)

I like this song from the series. It's sang by Ariel Lin 林依晨, but this is a clip from a new year's eve program where both of them sang together. It is sweet but Joe Cheng 鄭元暢 should not be a professional singer. =P

ok, this one is by Ariel Lin only, so u can appreciate how good this song is


回頭想起一切都還 像昨天
我還天天對你生氣 板著臉
時鐘才轉幾圈 有了轉變

雖然你滿身數不完 的缺點
完美小姐也不是我 的頭銜
越看就越順眼 我們之間
舒服得像 星期天
是命運緊緊把我們 綁在一起
越吵越甜蜜 越吵越愛你 越不分離
生活的難題 考驗著愛情
才顯得我們的努力 多麼值得被珍惜
從今就緊緊的和你 綁在一起
不管壞天氣 不管壞心情 都不分離
麵包的滋味 有多香多甜
有你分享 才真的完美

雖然你滿身數不完 的缺點
完美小姐也不是我 的頭銜
越看就越順眼 我們之間
舒服得像 星期天
是緣份 是愛情
是命運緊緊把我們 綁在一起
越吵越甜蜜 越吵越愛你 越不分離
生活的難題 考驗著愛情
才顯得我們的努力 多麼值得被珍惜
從今就緊緊的和你 綁在一起
不管壞天氣 不管壞心情 都不分離
麵包的滋味 有多香多甜
有你分享 才真的完美 ~~

就這樣緊緊的和你 綁在一起
不管壞天氣 不管壞心情 都不分離
麵包的滋味 有多香多甜
有你分享 有你分享 才是真完美

It Started with a Kiss & They Kissed Again

Usually sequels are bad. Examples include Pirates of the Caribbean, Gone with the Wind, Meteor Garden. =P

This time, to my surprise, They Kissed Again 惡作劇2吻 is even better than It Started with a Kiss 惡作劇之吻!

They Kissed Again is the story about Zhishu and ShangQin after they got married. It managed to convince me why their relationship can work. And how their character and intelligence (IQ 200 vs IQ 75), as different as they are, could be complementary to each other.


And it really surprised me-- the depth this "teenage idol drama" had. How both of them can grow together!

Highly recommended!

I finished all the 50 episodes in 1 week's time, I think it's a record for me. haha!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Entertainment for CNY

It's time for the most boring festival of all-- CHINESE NEW YEAR!

It's already better now, compared to the days when I was a kid. No shops were opened. All the TV programs were about CNY, EVEN the commercials became more boring than ever. Still...

I've been searching for entertainment for my one day holiday... (coz I need to work on the 2nd day, perhaps sleep on the 3rd day of the New Year)

I watched this movie 醜女大翻身 on TVB last month and loved the movie and loves the songs! I told myself I would find the name of the songs after I came back from Israel, but I have totally forgotten until today.

From the movie《醜女大翻身》, these songs are really good.

I have just finished watching "It Just Started with a Kiss" 惡作劇之吻 on, and plan to watch "It Just Started with a Kiss 2" 惡作劇2吻. Usually I hate stupid heroines, but in this one, the hero and heroine are both quite cute =), and the TV series is very funny, so I enjoyed it even though the heroine is unbelievable stupid... Quite surprised that I actually liked this TEENAGE idol drama, haha!

The songs from the series are quite good!

Any other good entertainment suggestions for a "mo liu" person like me? Even though I think the 2 episodes of "It Started with a Kiss 2" is quite enough for one day... haha!

Wish you all a really Happy Chinese New Year!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009