Sunday, February 08, 2009

Planning on Peru trip (part 3) - my itinerary

Since many people have asked me about where we're going exactly, I'm going to put my itinerary up here.

We have asked a travel company to put the itinerary together for us. We told them where we want to go, and the dates of our arrival and departure. They have arranged all the transfers and local tours at different places for us.

This is our 22 day itinerary:

21/2 Leave HK--> Amsterdam
22/2 Amsterdam--> Lima
23/2 Lima--> Ica
24/2 Ballesta Islands (poor man's Galapagos =P) Tour, then Ica to Nazca
25/2 Flight over Nazca lines, Nazca to Arequipa (night overnight bus)
26/2 Arequipa City Tour
27/2 Colca Canyon Tour
28/2 Colca Canyon Tour
1/3 Arequipa to Puno
2/3 Lake Titicaca tour
3/3 Puno to Cusco
4/3 Cusco City tour
5/3 Sacred Valley Tour
6-7/3 2 Day Inca Trail (including Machu Picchu)
8-11/3 Cusco to Puerto Maldonado (going to Amazon rainforest, staying at Jungle Lodge for 4 days and 3 nights!)
12/3 Puerto Maldonado to Lima
13/3 Lima City Tour and plane to Amsterdam
14/3 Amsterdam--> HK

Looking forward to the trip!


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