Sunday, February 01, 2009

It Started with a Kiss & They Kissed Again

Usually sequels are bad. Examples include Pirates of the Caribbean, Gone with the Wind, Meteor Garden. =P

This time, to my surprise, They Kissed Again 惡作劇2吻 is even better than It Started with a Kiss 惡作劇之吻!

They Kissed Again is the story about Zhishu and ShangQin after they got married. It managed to convince me why their relationship can work. And how their character and intelligence (IQ 200 vs IQ 75), as different as they are, could be complementary to each other.


And it really surprised me-- the depth this "teenage idol drama" had. How both of them can grow together!

Highly recommended!

I finished all the 50 episodes in 1 week's time, I think it's a record for me. haha!


Michelle said...

pls lend them to me after i pass exams, hopefully.

aMy said...

hey, u still have ANZCA!!! and then ur wedding prep! =P are u sure u have time to watch? =)

彗心 said...

Yes, usually sequels are bad. This time is not because actually in the Japanese comics, they are coming from one story. Chapter 1-13 (if i don't remember wrongly) was It started with a kiss, and the later chapters became they kissed again finally. Combining both together indeed is the original story. the "2" is more in depth in telling the relationship... If you watch the "behind the scene", you'll find that actually the director wanted to bring out some message in the drama.
After watching a number of taiwan drama, I found that when comparing to HK drama, they are better in presenting the love and relationships between ppl (not only 愛情, 親情&友情 as well). more detail and more convincing. (although some ppl may think that it means boring...)

Michelle said...

i didn't specify when wor... just said after exams. =p

aMy said...

Fiona, yes, I know it's one story

and I know the end is kinda open coz the author died in the middle of the series, but I like the ending

I have watched a bit behind the scenes (mostly those NG parts) but didn't watch the part of the director, see if I can find it

Sometimes the portrayal of relationships becomes quite boring in Taiwan drama, but I think this one did a good job, balancing between being boring and detailed.

Michelle, ok, u ask me when u're ready, hahaha!!